The New Google Plus Local: Update your Dealer Places page for optimal search results.


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Even though your Dealer Platform website is optimized for your local area many searches still produce a Google Places listing in the top 10 results.  Taking ownership and maintaining your Google Plus Local page (formerly Google Places) is vital to your local search engine rankings.

If you haven’t heard, there were big changes in the Google Plus world that affects how Google Places listings are being displayed. And if your auto dealership was listed in the Google Places directory you’ll now find that listing under the Google Plus Local tab in Google Plus.

Google has integrated its popular Google Places with Google Plus Pages allowing customers to search locally with richer content and greater functionality. Google Plus Local is quickly becoming the local search destination and rising social media platform. Now customers can find your dealership faster through targeted search results and get the information that they need, quickly. Dealerships can now interact with local customers and build a relationship online. This will improve the customer experience, service and process, and ultimately lead to better customer satisfaction.

So what does this mean for your auto dealership website?

If you haven’t been to your Google Places page lately, now is the time to update your company information and convert it to a Google Plus page (if you don’t have either it’s time to make one and it will only take a few minutes of your time) and improve your page ranking in the Google Plus Local search results. Search optimization means everything when you are creating an online listing or business page. And by following these tips, you can help your dealership appear higher in search results.

Use these steps to improve your Google Plus Local Results Ranking:

Step 1: Fill out your Google Plus Local (Google Places Page) completely

Step 2: Fill out all 5 category fields.  Stick to Google’s recommendations for your categories before making a custom category.

Step 3: Place your company in a broader primary category. Don’t restrict your business to the “car dealership” category, especially if you sell trucks or SUVs, or want to promote your dealership’s automotive repair services. By placing your business in the category of “automotive”, your company will appear more often in search results.

Step 4:  Upload at least 5 pictures and preferably 10 and at least 2 videos.  If you don’t have a video then link to a video on Youtube that has your keywords in the title of the video.

Step 5: Post a coupon.  This has more to do with interacting with your visitors and is a good way to generate a lead or call.  A good coupon should have a call to action like “Call now to receive a no money down trade in offer”  or “visit our website for financing options”.  Use your own existing promotions to show consistency among all advertising channels.

Step 6:  Get reviews.  Google will rank higher a Google Plus Local page that shows interaction with it’s users.  The more reviews you get over time the higher your page will rank.

Step 7:  Get Followers.  Just like reviews – the more people that follow your Google Plus Local page and the more interaction your page receives the more trustworthy your site will appear to Google and as a result Google will rank your page higher.

By updating your Google Plus Local properly along with your locally optimized Dealer Platform website,  you will stand a better chance to  increase your visibility in local search, driving quality leads and customers to your website and dealership.





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