5 Ways Social Media Sells Cars



car dealers use social media to sell cars

There is a reason they call it “social media.” It is the equivalent of walking door-to-door to sell your wares. Over 30 percent of car purchases come from via car dealer websites. Companies such Ford have taken social media and learned how to put it to work to sell cars.

Fuel the Buzz

Make the most out of the social media buzz created by car manufacturers. Scott Monty, head of social media for Ford, explains the concept of creating a buzz. With the Fiesta Project, Ford gave away 100 cars to “socially vibrant” individuals. Monty states that one buzz campaign actually had a greater impact than a Super bowl Ad. Dealerships can take advantage of social media advertising coming from car manufacturers to help fuel the buzz and sell new models before they come out.

Take Your Sales Online

Take a multimedia approach to selling cars by creating at least one YouTube Channel. This one social media tool can link to Facebook, Digg, Twitter, Pinterest and car dealer websites. Post videos on your channel of each used car available, buzz about new car models, even the service department can utilize a video channel.

Integrate Resources

Set up a blog that does something other than sell cars such as provide repair or travel tips. In order to be successful in the world of social media, companies need to integrate resources. A blog links to all the social networking pages, RSS feeds car dealer websites. The company’s Facebook status should update to reflect a new blog post. Use one site to promote another and expand your online presence to sell your brand.

Hashtag Whispers

Twitter started the trend and businesses have taken it to the next level. Drop a whisper on blogs, Facebook news feeds and other social media sites. The whisper is like a coupon for Twitter. When a potential customer sees a whisper hashtag, they go to Twitter and do a search to get their treat. The treat might be a promotion for a discount, chance to see a new model pre-release or a sweepstakes for a car.


Social media is not a one-way street. Keep your social media social. If customers feel like there is no one on the other line, they will drop you fast. Participate in the virtual conversation. Post new entries on social networking sites daily. For some, such as Twitter, you should be making entries several times a day. Monitor blogs and respond to comments. Be an active participant in all social media ventures.




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