Leveraging the power of social media for car sales


Internet is a highway without speed limits. You don’t have a destination but you do have a goal – staying ahead of your competition. Showing up higher in search engines. Showing up more often. How do you manage to do this ?
Among other tools, social media is your best friend and online traffic booster. Your website cannot show up more than once in search results, but your ad can. gives you this advantage right off the bat. Once you get your website with, your next step is to use the tools we provide to auto post your inventory to various social media platforms like Facebook and twitter. This setup is easy, one time, and quick. All our dealers know better than to ignore this feature. Each one of them have their Facebook and twitter pages coming alive and updating with the latest ad whenever a new ad is posted on their websites. Without a single click of a button. You never even need to look and make sure they are there. You just notice that they were posted when you see our advanced site traffic reports showing you that your social media tools that you don’t spend any time on, are generating their fair share of online traffic to your website.

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