Local SEO: Generate more leads with your car dealer website


SEO for car dealer websites

Used car dealers, like all businesses, depend on customers to make sales. When you launch a website, the first thing that must be taken into consideration is how to make sure consumers can find your site. This is done typically through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  SEO for car dealer websites is crucial since there is more competition than ever before and because the number of used cars on the market mean that consumers have numerous choices.

Understanding SEO

Search engine optimization accomplishes two things: First, it allows potential website users to find your website. This is accomplished by targeting specific phrases that a customer may be looking for. In the case of SEO for car dealer websites this may include ‘used cars, inexpensive used cars, high quality used cars, etc.’.  The second purpose of search engine optimization allows a search engine to identify the primary focus of your website. For example, a used car dealer website would not want to rank in the search engines for “purebred dogs”. This is one of the reasons that SEO is so critical to a website.

SEO and credibility

Google has recently made some changes to how search results are calibrated. One of the many things that they are using as a measure of a websites value is credibility. Website owners need to make sure that their website ranks well for appropriate keywords. Credibility issues can occur if the SEO for car dealer websites is handled improperly. Once a website is downgraded by Google (or other search engines), credibility is hard to regain.

SEO for leads

While many people do not see the relationship between SEO and leads, it is really fairly simple to understand. If a customer is looking for a “red Toyota Camry” and your site ranks well for “used red Toyota Camry’s” then you have potentially attracted a customer. Always keep in mind that photographs and descriptions increase the likelihood of a potential customer finding your site. Lead generation with SEO begins with understanding what will attract a reader to stop at your website. Identifying the right keywords, understanding how to integrate them naturally into your website and making sure that your content is reader-friendly is critical to generating new leads.

Used car dealers are facing stiffer than ever competition with the glut of used cars available on the market. Finding methods of standing out from the other guys is more important than ever. Use of effective SEO for used car dealer websites can make the difference between attracting new users and turning them into customers.

Search engine optimization is not rocket science, but failing to use SEO effectively for new leads can harm your long-term sales.


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