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5 Ways Social Media Sells Cars


car dealers use social media to sell cars

There is a reason they call it “social media.” It is the equivalent of walking door-to-door to sell your wares. Over 30 percent of car purchases come from via car dealer websites. Companies such Ford have taken social media and learned how to put it to work to sell cars.

Fuel the Buzz

Make the most out of the social media buzz created by car manufacturers. Scott Monty, head of social media for Ford, explains the concept of creating a buzz. With the Fiesta Project, Ford gave away 100 cars to “socially vibrant” individuals. Monty states that one buzz campaign actually had a greater impact than a Super bowl Ad. Dealerships can take advantage of social media advertising coming from car manufacturers to help fuel the buzz and sell new models before they come out.

Take Your Sales Online

Take a multimedia approach to selling cars by creating at least one YouTube Channel. This one social media tool can link to Facebook, Digg, Twitter, Pinterest and car dealer websites. Post videos on your channel of each used car available, buzz about new car models, even the service department can utilize a video channel.

Integrate Resources

Set up a blog that does something other than sell cars such as provide repair or travel tips. In order to be successful in the world of social media, companies need to integrate resources. A blog links to all the social networking pages, RSS feeds car dealer websites. The company’s Facebook status should update to reflect a new blog post. Use one site to promote another and expand your online presence to sell your brand.

Hashtag Whispers

Twitter started the trend and businesses have taken it to the next level. Drop a whisper on blogs, Facebook news feeds and other social media sites. The whisper is like a coupon for Twitter. When a potential customer sees a whisper hashtag, they go to Twitter and do a search to get their treat. The treat might be a promotion for a discount, chance to see a new model pre-release or a sweepstakes for a car.


Social media is not a one-way street. Keep your social media social. If customers feel like there is no one on the other line, they will drop you fast. Participate in the virtual conversation. Post new entries on social networking sites daily. For some, such as Twitter, you should be making entries several times a day. Monitor blogs and respond to comments. Be an active participant in all social media ventures.




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Videos for auto dealers

Websites created with are fully equipped to post youtube videos right out of the box. Just post the youtube link in your description and youtube video player will appear along with your ad so your visitors can watch the video on the same page. Many dealers use the power of youtube videos to sell their inventory. It is an additional lead generation tool that is getting more and more popular every day. Google already shows youtube videos in the first page results. Visitors are more likely to click on aa video link than a text link.A few tips while posting youtube videos -

  • Make sure the title mentions the vehicle make and model, city, your business name.
  • Be sure to add a link to the vehicle listing or to your website in the youtube video description
  • If your website is built using, you do not need to copy the embed copy from youtube page. Just paste the youtube url and it will automatically show the video on your listing.
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QR codes for auto dealers

Have you ever wondered what those carbon paper looking boxes that look like this -and wondered what they do ? They are called QR codes and simply put, they are bar codes that phones can read easily.Smart phone can take a picture of the box and their phone will translate that into human readable information.As an auto dealer, how can QR codes help you ? Here is top 10 uses of it for car dealers -1) Website to phone Each ad listed on websites built using will have a QR code at the end of the ad. Your website visitors can simply take a picture of the QR code instead of noting down all the details of the car on a paper or on their phone. They can pull up one or more links to the ad listing pages using the QR codes they saved while browsing your website.They have them saved on their phone so when they visit your shop they can simply open the ad they were looking at that made them come to you.2) Window websites also have a feature to print window stickers with the click of a button. Each window sticker prints with a QR code linking back to the listing of that vehicle on your website. So when you put the sticker on the car, users who want to see more details about the car or if they want to save it for later, all they need to do is take a picture of the QR code in the window sticker.3) Newspaper and Magazine AdsYou can copy the QR code as an image and send it along with your ad to newspaper ad. Readers can just take a picture of the QR code and the ad listing page on your website will open up on their phone. Pretty neat huh ?4) Print mailersSame as above except you can print the flyer right from your inventory management screen of websites built using dealerplatform.com5) Email advertisingYour website from also has a newsletter feature. After you posted your new inventory item, you have the option to send it out to all your email subscribers – now with the neat QR code at the bottom of the email. Easy for your subscribers to quickly open the ad on their phone so they can carry it with them when they visit you.6) BrochuresIn your inventory manager you have the option to print your inventory in the form of a brochure. You can use QR codes also in your brochure for the same purposes mentioned above.

7) Video AdsHow awesome is this ? Make a video of your vehicle and add the QR code image at the end. Users can take a picture of that and they have the ad open on their phone. They see everything about the vehicle you were just talking about on your video.8 ) Signs and BillboardsNow all you need to do for driving by passengers to read more about your vehicle is include a QR code of the ad along with the picture of your vehicle9) Business CardsNot just your ads, your website needs marketing too. On websites built using, the contact us page will show a QR code with your website url, business name and location, and your phone numbers – all packed into a neat little box that any smart phone can read and save for later use10) Sharing With so many ways to spread the word using a nifty little box, sharing between phones is easier than ever. And the best part is, you don’t need to do a thing to have all these features built in to your website. Your website created using comes with QR code integrated – out of the box !

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Leveraging the power of social media for car sales

Internet is a highway without speed limits. You don’t have a destination but you do have a goal – staying ahead of your competition. Showing up higher in search engines. Showing up more often. How do you manage to do this ?Among other tools, social media is your best friend and online traffic booster. Your website cannot show up more than once in search results, but your ad gives you this advantage right off the bat. Once you get your website with, your next step is to use the tools we provide to auto post your inventory to various social media platforms like Facebook and twitter. This setup is easy, one time, and quick. All our dealers know better than to ignore this feature. Each one of them have their Facebook and twitter pages coming alive and updating with the latest ad whenever a new ad is posted on their websites. Without a single click of a button. You never even need to look and make sure they are there. You just notice that they were posted when you see our advanced site traffic reports showing you that your social media tools that you don’t spend any time on, are generating their fair share of online traffic to your website.

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Local SEO the best kept secret has studied optimized and re-optimized its dealer website service software in this direction so our dealers can show up one result ahead of their local competition. We keep a close eye on changes in technologies used by search engines like google, yahoo and bing for local searches. why is local seo so important and why take it so seriously?1) For one, we look at it from the point of view of an online user looking for a car. Most of the time they do not know your website or they do not know that you have that particular vehicle in your inventory. The search terms they enter are the vehicle make model year and the city state they are located in. And when they do this, they keep clicking on links that catch their attention, which is obviously the year, make, model of the car combined with their geographical location.2)Typical search engine optimization is geared towards working on your website coming up for searches with random keywords or makes and models. This market is highly competitive and even if you spend a ton of money and time on it, you may not even have the car they are looking for. Why not work on showing up for stuff that you have and that will get you a definite lead ?3)You don’t need a very motivated buyer in New York when you are doing business in Florida. Your website can show up as the first link, you can have the greatest price for that car, your ad can dance frantically holding a sign, you are still most likely not going to make a sale to a long distance buyer. optimizes its dealer websites to show up for local searches like no other service provider does. We follow every rule in the book for local SEO and our dealers manage to show up first for the inventory they have. Even for sold vehicles that bring in additional leads. The Ad title, permalink, meta description are optimized to contain not only the year make model but also the city and state of your business.

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VIN decoding for dealers now allows VIN decoding for free by all our dealer associates. As with our other features, there is no additional charge involved and it cuts down the posting time by up to 80%. The title and body of the ad post are automatically created when a VIN number is created. VIN decoding system has the latest database of makes and models. It is continuously updated with release of new models so you never have to manually put in all the details of your vehicle even for the newest vehicles in market.

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