How a VIN Decoder Will Save You Time

By Renee Rose

Running a dealership means that your time is precious. On a day to day basis, your attention is called for in several places at once. With so many tasks and decisions to make, anything that can save you time is an important tool. After all, time is money and none of us like to waste either. By using a VIN decoder, you can not only save yourself a substantial amount of time but also prioritize the organization and accuracy of your dealership’s inventory.

Why a Car’s VIN is Important

As you know, VIN decoders act like a car’s social security number. All cars have their own unique VIN and these numbers contain vital information about each car. VINs are especially important if you run a used car dealership as you need them to positively identify every car that comes onto your lot.

 The most important information contained within a VIN is the vehicle’s history. Before you can take a car into your inventory, you need to know its history and a VIN makes this possible. Before any car buyer even considers a purchase, they want to see a comprehensive history of that vehicle. Providing your customers with the most accurate data as quickly as possible can make all the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity.

VIN Decoders Make Adding a Vehicle to Your Inventory Easy

Your car dealership’s reputation is everything and you need to have confidence in the accuracy of your inventory. Potential buyers need crucial information before a sale can even be considered. Unfortunately, identifying and decoding the VIN of every car that enters your lot manually can be a time-consuming process. Even once a car has been identified and the history has been checked, adding that car to your inventory is a task in itself. If you’ve ever found yourself running a VIN and wishing your time could be spent elsewhere, a VIN decoder is something to consider.

 VIN decoders, such as DealerPlatform’s VIN decoder, make this process much easier. A quality VIN decoder is designed to require less of your time without compromising accuracy. Our VIN decoder tool cuts the time spent adding a car to your inventory in half. All you have to do is input the VIN and our VIN decoder does the rest. Within a few steps, all of that important information that potential car buyers need to see will auto-populate the post.

Get Ahead of the Competition

In a matter of minutes, a VIN decoder can do what would have otherwise taken you double the time. This extra time can even put you above your competition. While competing car dealerships may still be wasting their time on a manual process, you’ll be two steps ahead. When your competition is busy finding and entering all of those crucial bits of information about a new car on their lot into their inventory, you’ll have done the same in far less time. This will mean your dealership’s inventory is more quickly updated with new information- something car buyers will notice and appreciate. 

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